UIM / DX IM - USM dynamic group troubleshooting.


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


USM dynamic groups by default should auto update every five minutes. This document contains some information helpful in troubleshooting the cause of various problems relating to the auto update. 


Release : 8.51 & 9.x

Component : UIM - UMP_USM


nis_server which is deployed to the primary hub is responsible for the auto update for USM dynamic groups. 

nis_server only has a raw configure option and does not have the standard configure GUI. 

The key group_maintenance_interval  found under the setup group set the interval for the auto update which by default is 5 for five minutes. 

Increase the loglevel to 5 for troubleshooting information. 

If necessary add the key logsize, the built in default log size is 1mb. 

After troubleshooting set the loglevel back to 0 or 1 and if added logsize to 1000. 

The probe folder location is $\Nimsoft\probes\service\nis_server\

If the probe log shows a failure such as "Failed to create queue: Received status (6) on response" then set the probe security. 

This is done via IM console > Security > Probe Administration > New Probe >  for

Probe: select nis_server from the drop down list

Access: select admin from the drop down list

IP Mask: enter a * 

Click OK

It is necessary to restart the primary hub for the change to take effect. 

This can be done from the IM console via selecting the robot which is the primary hub > right click > Restart. 

This change is written to security.cfg 
</acl_template> section
      permission = admin
      mask = *

Note: it is recommended to make a backup copy of security.cfg prior to making the change. 

Location is $\Nimsoft\hub\