How can one disable TPX user exits permanently
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How can one disable TPX user exits permanently


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TPX - Session Management


A TPX user exit that was disabled via Q command in TPXOPER needs to be disabled permanently.






Release : 5.4
Component : TPX for ZOS


If a TPX user exit is disabled via the TPXOPER command  Q EXIT=exitname, the exit is dynamically disabled for the this session of TPX. (PTFs RO86230 & RO86231 required)


- Quiesce command must be issued from TPXOPER main panel (TEN0200 or HEN0200). 
- When on panel TEN0229 (D EXIT), issuing the command Q EXIT=exitname would not work. From that panel, the option is to place the cursor in the exit you want to update, and press PF9=Updt key.

However, if TPX is recycled, the exit will be reactivated.

The only way to disable it permanently is to remove it from the TPX loadlib (..CB0VLOAD) before starting TPX.