Navigating through pages with custom portlets slow
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Navigating through pages with custom portlets slow


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Clarity PPM SaaS


We have many portlets on 4 different tabs set up by security team and navigating through them is slow. Thanks for any insight as to why.


Release : 15.5



Below points should help with performance of custom pages.

1. In Studio, change the portlet configuration option not to show any results until the user provides filtering criteria. Making this change will force the user to provide specific filtering to improve performance response times.

a. Log in to the application as an administrator user
b. Administration, Studio: Portlets
c. Search for and open the 'Your custom portlet' portlet (ID = your_custom_portlet_id)
d. Go to List Column Section, Options
e. Select/checkmark the filter option 'Do not show results until I filter'
f. Click 'Save' button
g. Go to the portlet General Tab, click 'Publish' button - this will reset all end user portlet personal configuration on this portlet

2. You can also check to see about separating summary and detail pages into 2 separate tabs to reduce number of portlets on a page.

3. User can save their default Filter

4. When navigating to the page with the portlet and to reduce the amount of data returned in the results, the 'Show All' button can be removed in the Filter section by configuring at least one filter attribute as a 'Required' field.
The field that is configured as 'Required' can be any available field. When a 'Required' field is configured as a visible attribute in the Filter Section, it will ask for a default value. Once the field has been configured and saved, this becomes the system default filter criteria and you will no longer see the 'Show All' button. Be sure to 'Publish' this configuration change. NOTE: Publishing this change will erase any user-saved configurations or filters.