UIM CABI summary dashboard is not showing ALL alarms


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UIM CABI summary dashboard is not showing event captured via spectrumgw probe.
It is only showing the count of alarms captured by spectrumgw but the alarms are not visible in open alarms windows as shown below.

Please let us know how to show spectrumgw probe captured alerts in open alarms window. 




In the spectrumgtw probe, the name used to set up for global collection name did not have ALL devices from Spectrum included in it.
if the devices from spectrum are not synced to the UIM database this report will show the alarm count but not show the detailed alarms as the system information is missing.



1) UIM server version:9.02
2) UMP version: 9.02
3) are you using CABI or CABI_external? cabi_external
4) the version of CABI or cabi_external? 6.4.3
5) controller version where the CABI probe is installed? 7.97
6) version of spectrumgtw probe on the primary? 8.67
7) version of Spectrum you are integrating with? 10.3.1


1) go into spectrum and create a global collection that has all devices.
2) go into the spectrumgtw probe and change the global collection name to this new name.
3) use the menu option to sync all devices.

Now the alarms should be able to be seen.