CAVO0204E Member xxxxx in use with nobody logged in
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CAVO0204E Member xxxxx in use with nobody logged in


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Trying to access a vollie member I receive the CAVO0204E  Member xxxxx in use. I checked and there is no one accessing this file. Is there a way to check or clear this? 


Release : 5.0

Component : CA Vollie for z/VSE


You might try the following procedures to determine if anything is really allocating the resource.

SET DISPLAY MCB FILE=ollfile (this must be the ollfile of the locked member)
This will give you who is owning the member and the exact member name.      
Then try a  SET CLOSE MCB=opid.membername                                   
But you should execute this command only on this system, at which the user  
who locked the member was logged on before.              

If this does not help you can try          

- SET CLOSE OLL=ollname,FORCE                                           
- use USRSGNON procedure within VOLLIE and sign off the particular user.
- The SYSTEM command SIGNON INFORMATION panel function 1 shows all user 
which are stored in Vollie and which of these currently signed on to    
Vollie at which terminal, partition and cpu. The Vollie administrator   
can force the sign off of the particular user from all cpu's in this    

Last thing you may try in case the problem is with the VSE lockfile :  

- IPL all VSE systems which shared the OLL with the locked problem