Endevor processor is missing SYSPRINT data
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Endevor processor is missing SYSPRINT data


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An IMS generate of an ACB for a DBD has two pieces of output.  One is the output of the ACB generation.  The other is the output of the IMS Catalog update for the new ACB. When Endevor executes a Processor to do this generation, the only output in the SYSPRINT DD is the IMS Catalog update.  The ACB generation output is missing. When  the same JCL is executed in a stand-alone batch job, the SYSPRINT DD contains both outputs, the ACB generation and IMS Catalog update.


Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


The cause was a combination of using a Temporary dataset (&& Style) for the SYSPRINT output in the IMS JCL with DISP=(OLD,PASS).  It was discovered that, when program DFS3UACB executed to create an ACB and Update the IMS Catalog, it opens the SYSPRINT DD twice.  With DISP=(OLD,PASS), the ACB Gen output is overlaid by the IMS Catalog output.  Temporary datasets can't be allocated DISP=(MOD,PASS), z/OS had fits and ABENDs the job. 

The fix is to run the IMS tasks in two separate steps or to use a real dataset with DISP=(MOD,PASS).  We used the latter resolution.