Spectrum - Component Detail view shows incorrect values for "Secunet SINA Box" models
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Spectrum - Component Detail view shows incorrect values for "Secunet SINA Box" models


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CA Spectrum


Attributes values, on SINA L3 BOX S ( models, under Information tab->Secunet SINA Box, are displayed as if they were encoded. For instance Software Version appears as follow:

This affects other attributes too


Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The problem occurs because Spectrum is converting the Octet String returned, by the SNMP get-request to the device, to a decimal value instead of a text.



This can be solved by using the renderer "EntityNameDescriptionRenderer" in the Secunet-generalinfo-subview.xml file ($SPECROOT/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/devman/config/secunet-generalinfo-subview.xml)

For example, for sysInfoChassisVendor, adding the highlighted part in the xml file, will make the attribute is displayed as text string in OneClick. :

            <param name="attrID">0x06bc0002</param>


the above will work for almost all attributes which display incorrectly in Information tab->Secunet SINA Box

However there are few exceptions:

1. If the value of the attributes are too big. When spectrum tries to read it and sends an snmp get-request, the device responds with only a partial string which has a length of 1483 characters. In order to convert it to corresponding octet, Spectrum does a padding of "0" in the beginning and then, it processes it. 

For example: an even length string(626f782d332e392e322e372f7838365f36340a) is split in this way: 62.6f.78.2d.33.2e.39.2e.32.2e.37.2f.

   When the above mentioned renderer is applied it gives an ASCII string data: box-

   However, if the same string is made odd-length by removing the last 'a', Spectrum add a zero in the beginning and the string gets modified as (" 626f782d332e392e322e372f7838365f36340"). Now the string is split as 06.26.f7.82.d3.32.e3.92.e3.22.e3.72.f7.83.83.65.f3.63.40. When the above mentioned renderer is applied to this, it gives a garbage value(&���2��"�r���e�c@).

   For these attributes, the suggested is, if they are configurable, to update them with a shorter string so that spectrum can read the attribute properly. 

2. Another exception is if the attributes contains a serie of spaces. The renderer suggested has a limitation. It converts octet string to text string only if at least one of the dot separated term corresponds to an alphabetical character. If the attribute is configurable, the suggested is to update it to meet the renderer requirement to be converted to text.

Additional update
The final attributes were eventually resolved this by editing the secunet-generalinfo-subview.xml

The customer  moved „Software Version“ and „CPU Info“ to the end of the XML".
See attached xml file.

Additional Information

Engineering is aware of the problem/limitation and the definitive solution it is expected to be included in future releases.

For reference the Defect number is DE444712


1583246023769__secunet-generalinfo-subview.xml get_app