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Unable to open Spectrum OneClick docker server browser on external browser


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CA eHealth CA Spectrum DX NetOps


I can monitor the Onclick server browser running on a docker-machine from a docker browser, but I am unable to launch the application when I try to open the OneClick browser from an external computer.


Release : 10.4.0

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


10.04.00.D04c is documented to fix  DE437324:
OneClick Webapp does not work when SS and OC are Nat´d
  (DE437324, 20093098)

but it also includes the fix from 10.04.00.D04 which resolves this docker issue.

DE432288 Details:
  Symptom : Spectrum-10.4 oneclick.jnlp href generation changed. It is creating url href with static FQDN of the webserver. 
  Resolution: OneClick.jnlp href generation will use the Hostname from request(Host Header) instead of static FQDN of webserver. 
  (DE432288, 20067349)

Please opena uspport issue to request this patch with your current history file.

Additional Information


SPECTRUM 10.04.00 are the prerequisites for installation of this patch.

This patch needs to be installed on OneClick Server.