What are the installers used for installing robot on different platforms ?


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This document explains about different types of installers for installing robot on different platforms.


Release : 9.x o above



With UIM 9.0.2 the robot installers (controller, hdb, and spooler) will come with version 7.96.
When we upgrade 9.0.2 to 9.2.0, new robot version will be installed with version 9.20

When you install 9.0.2, following installer files available in Primary hub robot (Path: ~\Nimsoft\instal\setup) for installing robot on any other new server.
NimBUS Robot.exe is a GUI installer which can be used to install any Windows architecture (32 bit or 64 bit)
nimsoft-robot.exe is Silent Installer which can be used to install on 32 bit Windows.
nimsoft-robot-x64.exe is Silent Installer which can be used to install on 64 bit Windows.
You can use nimldr file for installing any version of robot however the installer file (install_*) required for respective OS can be downloaded from support archive and copy them to Primary hub archive and then use the nimldr to install.
Nimsoft Archive:

- Here is the technical document can be used to install robot on Unix Server using nimldr file.

You can also install robot on RHEL, Debian and Ubuntu versions of Linux using the files present in Primary hub robot install path (Path: ~\Nimsoft\instal\setup).

Robot Installation on Debian Linux

Installing Single Robot using RPM and Answer file on Linux environment


In case of any issues while installing, please feel free to contact Brodcom Technical support.