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Product feature enhancements in CA JCLCheck r12.0 S1607


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JCLCheck Workload Automation


Product feature enhancements in CA JCLCheck r12.0 S1607


CA JCLCheck Workload Automation release 12.0


The following published PTFs added new processing options, and feature enhancements to CA JCLCheck Workload Automation release 12.0 S1607:

- PTF SO08779:
  With z/OS 2.3 a EMAIL= keyword can be specified instead of USER= on the JOB card. Security systems allow this email to be mapped
  to a user id. This PTF calls the security interface to retrieve the user id so that it can be used in JCLCheck's security validation (i.e., runtime option SECURITY).   If the JCLCheck runtime option SECURITY is not used, JCLCheck does not call the security product to map the EMAIL parameter.  This PTF introduces two new messages: 
  .  CAY6611I  EMAIL: '[email protected]' SUCCESSFULLY MAPPED TO USER: 'user id'
  .  CAY6612W EMAIL: '[email protected]' MAP TO USER FAILED.
                        SRC/RC/RSN: 'cccc/cccc/cccc'  

- PTF SO08283: 
REXX interface: Add stem variable $CA.EOM to indicate end of member or sequential file, and variable MEMLIMIT to provide the value of MEMLIMIT specified on the JOB and/or EXEC statement.

- PTF SO08274 + SO08275: 
REXX interface: Add new $CA.RSTYPE=MISP for statement(s) that get error message CAY6011S MISPLACED STATEMENT.  

- PTF SO08034 + SO08135:
  REXX interface: Add variable DD.STEPNAME to provide the step name on override an DD statement. 

- PTF SO07766 + SO07767:
  REXX interface: Add new call to the REXX interface before the JCL is read.  This call is identified in the RAW processing routine by a new $CA.RSTYPE= 'OPTS'.   This new call is provided so $CA.USERDATA can be evaluated before JCL processing starts.

- PTF SO07522 + SO07523:
  REXX interface: Expand USERDATA from 8 to 24 bytes.

- PTF SO06612: 
  Add new RESPARMS parameter USERSUPP for the Control-M Resolve External Variables feature.  When USERSUPP is specified, JCLCheck checks the USER= parameter on the JOB statement, and changes to the caller userid before passing the JCL to Control-M.  The original user id will be reset in the JOB statement after Control-M processing completes. 

- PTF SO06235 + SO06236:
  Add a new cross-reference file to contain references for DSN, PGM, and PROC.  Use new runtime options UPDTDD or UPDTDSN to create this file.

- PTF SO05197 + SO05198:
   Add new option CNTLOVER to the Remote Validation ChekPlex feature to allow for control card members to be sent to the remote system.

- PTF SO04211 + SO04212:
  Add new options LOADOVER and LOADOVDD to specify load libraries to be searched when a module cannot be found in other libraries (STEPLIB, LINKLIST, etc).

- PTF SO01444:
CA JCLCheck will no longer require the libraries containing the DB2 Call Attach Facility routines (programs DSNHLI2 and DSNALI) to be present in the JOBLIB or STEPLIB of the address space in which JCLCheck was invoked. As long as the DB2 job being 'checked' has access to the DSNHLI2 and DSNALI programs, JCLCheck can locate the DB2 Call Attach Facility interface routines, and validate the DB2 job.

- PTF SO01775 + SO01776:
. Add a new option REXXMSG(POPulate) to populate the variables for the statement in error with values that have been processed up to the point the error is issued.
. Add new REXX variable MSG.STMTTYPE which will contain the statement type (JOB, EXEC, etc.)  that the message was issued for.

- PTF RO98412:
Adds a field to the EJCK and JCKSPF panels where the STDREXX program is specified to allow for a DDNAME to be used for the REXX library. This allows for the REXX program
to be accessed from a DDNAME other than SYSEXEC.   The specified DD must already be allocated to your ISPF session.

-PTF RO98663 + RO98664 + RO98778: 
Add a new option CTLSCAN(IDCAMSIM)  to simulate IDCAMS return codes and support the IF/ELSE/THEN/END logic in IDCAMS.

- PTF RO96157 + RO96158:
Add support for the REGIONX keyword on JOB and EXEC statements, support for the CRE sub parameter of the RLS keyword on DD statements, and support for RLSSOURCE and RLSTARGET keywords for various IDCAMS verbs.

-PTF RO96120 + RO96121:
Add new options SETPRP/NOSETPRP.  SETPRP option indicates that return or condition codes from the IDCAMS SET command are to be propagated to end of step (EOS) or end of job (EOJ), as well as message severity for messages issued by that step or job.  NOSETPRP disables the SET return/condition code propagation.  The SET command is parsed and validated, but the return/condition code from the SET command is not propagated.   The default option is SETPRP.  

- PTF RO92202 + RO92203:
Add new keyword NOPGMPAT to the SECURITY option to turn off the Program Pathing function.

- PTF RO91664 + RO91665:
Add support for the INCLUDE statement to the REXX programming interface.   Now there's a INCL_PROCESSING routine for INCLUDE card processing logic.  A new sample REXX program (CAZ1REXX) is provided, and is stored in the CAZ2CLS0 library.

- PTF RO88315:
Adds the capability to run JCLNeat against JCL that contains Control-M JCL modification variables and commands.

- PTF SO01359:
Enhances MCOSYS and MCOUSR to allow limiting the change to only messages that currently have a certain severity.



Additional Information

Additional information is found in the ++HOLD doc for each PTF.