How to reinstall the UIM home page (/uimhome)
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How to reinstall the UIM home page (/uimhome)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How to reinstall the UIM Home page (/uimhome) when it becomes unavailable or throws a 404 error.


UIM v8.51 or higher


- wasp file corruption or JVM bind


1. On the Primary Hub, Rt-click and deactivate the wasp probe (save the wasp.cfg)

2. Rt-click and delete the wasp probe from the Primary hub

3. Delete the wasp directory/folder and its contents from the Primary hub server (found under the <installPath>\Nimsoft\probes\service directory)

4. Deploy the latest appropriate version of the following packages in the following order to your Primary hub:

- wasp
- uimhome
- mps
- adminconsoleapp

5.  Activate the wasp probe on the Primary hub

The problem is most likely caused by corrupt file(s) under the wasp\webapps\ROOT directory.  Deleting then reinstalling will resolve this issue.

Please note that this procedure assumes that the UMP portal is installed on a robot other than the Primary hub.

If the above procedure fails make sure there is no JVM bind error in the wasp.log If there is a JVM bind error, reboot the Primary and run through the steps again and test.

Also make sure that IIS is not blocking port 80. Open MMC, and Stop the IIS server if necessary.