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Rally: Why does the Release Tracking page take so long to load?


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Rally: Why does the Release Tracking page take so long to load?


Release tracking works like this:

  1. A user requests Release Tracking for a set of projects on the Release Tracking page. 
  2. That request goes to the database, which checks to see if there is Release Tracking data already pulled for the dates and projects of the Release for that subscription. 
    1. If there is current data, it returns it back to the page. 
    2. If not, it kicks off a job to compute data for each day that has not already been pulled for the dates in the Release. 
      1. This can take a very long time to process, especially if the data has not been pulled for a month or so.
      2. Meanwhile, the Release Tracking page will be checking every 10 seconds to see if the data has been collected yet. 
        1. While the Release Tracking page is waiting on data, the page will display a yellow/gold "Loading" splash on the screen.
      3. The first request for each day may be slow, but subsequent requests on the day should be much faster.

As a workaround for this, we suggest opening the Release Tracking page in one tab, and if it is taking a long time, opening another tab to continue working in Rally as data for the page is being processed.