Performance report data stopped a few days ago


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


When we try to generate performance report all machines data stopped on 22nd of January no more data after that.



Release : 8.51

Component : UIM - UMP_REPORTS


The data_engine was not able to connect to its queue.

The data_engine hub queue was inactive.

We activated it, but saw no messages being processed.

Looked at the attach queues on the primary.

One of them was a "get" queue to a secondary hub "attach" queue.

The primary get queue was yellow.

We could not get it to connect.

Backed up the <Nimsoft>\hub\q\queueName\ folder on the secondary hub.

Deleted the attach queue on the secondary and the get queue on the primary.

Re-created them on both sides, now data is flowing to the data_engine and to the database.

Reports are working now, but missing a few days worth of data.

"qtool" can be used to push the old queue files after copying the backed up files back into the folder.