Error to use DB (unifiedreporter) after of a recovery of CAUIM


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Error to use DB (unifiedreporter) after of a recovery of CAUIM


UR 8.x or later


Do the install process of UR but Create a new DB name

Basically you will create a new DB, and after install it, we will Point to the old DB:

1) Install UR, but create a new database - call it 'unifiedreporter2'

2) DELETE from JIAccessEvent on existing old schema jasperserver.

3) Once the installation is complete, open the wasp config UI

4) Open the webapp config for jasperserver-pro -> JDBC.
Edit the URL attribute

from: jdbc:sqlserver://;serverName=<db_server>;databaseName=unifiedreporter2;SelectMethod=cursor;applicationName=UnifiedReporter;

to: jdbc:sqlserver://;serverName=<db_server>;databaseName=unifiedreporter;SelectMethod=cursor;applicationName=UnifiedReporter;

5) Restart wasp

6) If UR connects to the old database correctly then:

DROP unifiedreporter2