Tasks tab not showing correct requestor
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Tasks tab not showing correct requestor


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In the approvals tab, the requested by column shows the target user.

This is the case even if someone else submits an access request for another user.

How can the requested column correctly display who submitted the request?


Release : 14.2

Component : SIGMA-Identity Suite


 there is no manipulation of of "Requested by" column while displaying in UI.

The "requested by" and "requested for" values are saving in the database with the same value in case of the public task.



If I make the task as a public task, I am able to reproduce the issue. And it's expected behavior.


When the task is a public task, the IM assumes that the task is always performed by the single user(Admin user cant perform this task for another user). That is the reason it's showing the "requested by" and "requested for" with the same values.