ntevl not executing run command on match option


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We have situation where a batch files need to run whenever event id 7036 triggers . The batch file is to copy the event to a remote sever location. But it is not working, but when given local drive,  it is  working. Please  help us if we have missed any steps  to execute the following command

Command : Not working

wevtutil qe System "/q:*[System [(EventID=7036)]]" /rd:true /f:text /c:2 >> \\serverName\e$\logs.txt


Command - working


wevtutil qe System "/q:*[System [(EventID=7036)]]" /rd:true /f:text /c:2 >> C:\logs.txt




Release : 8.51

Component : UIM - NTEVL


Something like the following may work better. It worked well here.

Create a share on the target server the file is to be written to.

On the Windows robot with the ntevl probe, use the net use command in a batch file:

net use g: \\targetServer\shareName domainPassword /user:<domain>\user

For example:

net use g: \\\share DomainPassword /user:myDomain\userName

Then execute the command:

wevtutil qe System "/q:*[System [(EventID=7036)]]" /rd:true /f:text /c:2 >> g:\logs.txt