How to remove and reinstall cabi bundled probe v4.10 on UIM 9.2.0
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How to remove and reinstall cabi bundled probe v4.10 on UIM 9.2.0


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How to remove and reinstall cabi bundled v4.10 on UIM 9.2.0

If you are facing issues with the cabi probe, support may request a full cabi/jrs clean up and redeployment of the probe. 

This document will provide the correct procedure and additional information that might be useful. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact support. 


UIM 9.2.0 
cabi (bundled) probe v4.10
Jasper Report Server 7.1.1


1. Stop the cabi and wasp (cabi wasp) probes on the Robot in question. 

2. Go to cabi Robot and delete wasp probe from IM or Admin Console.

3. Delete the wasp directory: \Nimsoft\probes\service\wasp (cabi wasp)

4. Login to your database server, copy and execute the command/query specified at the following path: Nimsoft\probes\service\cabi\config\scripts\drop_tables\1.2\sqlserver

5. Delete the cabi probe from IM or Admin Console
6. Delete the cabi and c folders from the cabi Robot: 

- \Nimsoft\probes\service\cabi
- \Nimsoft\c

7. Redeploy the cabi probe v4.10, deactivate it straight away and increase the java values (4GB max and 2GB init). 

Open probe in Raw Configure -> startup -> opt: 

- java_mem_max = -Xmx4096m
- java_mem_init = -Xms2048m

Apply the changes and start the cabi probe. 

*Open the cabi probe log, monitor once the installation is complete for the following message: [UserSynchronizationThread, cabi] Finished synchronizing users between UIM and CABI*

8. Deploy the below packages to the Robot where cabi probe is running: 

* uim_core_dashboards 
* uim_cabi_health_report_pack  
* uim_unified_reporter_pack 
* uim_cabi_vmware_dashboards
* uim_cabi_mcs_dashboards_pack

Note: Select the latest available packages from within the local Primary Hub archive and It does not install uim_cabi_availability by default

9. Deploy the ump_cabi package v4.10 to the Robot where UMP is running.
  *** Note: this will restart UMP. ***

*IMPORTANT* - If you've made changes and/or customization within Jasper Report Server, please follow the below steps before making any changes to export and reimport all content. 

1. Access the JRS / CABIJS Web Console (http://localhost/cabijs/login.html) using the superuser account. 

2. Go to Manage -> Server Settings -> Export 

3. Under Export Options, ensure the "Export Everything" box is selected/ticked.

4. Select "Export" and this will export ALL Jasper Report Server Customization.  

Once the clean up and redeployment procedure is complete, follow the below steps: 

5. Access the JRS / CABIJS Web Console (http://localhost/cabijs/login.html) using the superuser account. 

6. Go to Manage -> Server Settings -> Import

7. Select the export data file name/location and Import. 


Additional Information

UIM 9.2.0 only supports cabi (bundled) probe version 4.10, which uses an embedded JRS v7.1.1, the cabi wasp probe should be version 9.20 and the robot version should also be the latest 9.20 hotfix. Before following the procedure, you will need to upgrade the robot to and ensure the crypt_key is in place on the cabi robot. 

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