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Clarifications on OpenJDK used in CA Performance Center 3.7.3 and above


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From CA Performance Center (CAPC) release 3.7.3 onwards, CAPC is using OpenJDK instead of Oracle JDK.
1. Which version of OpenJDK is bundled with CAPC?
2. Is Oracle JDK still used in CAPC?
3. In what directories is OpenJDK installed in CAPC?


Release : 3.7.3

Component : CA Performance Center


1.  As outlined in the 'Third Party Agreements' section of CA Performance Management documentation, we started to bundle OpenJDK instead of Oracle Java from CAPC 3.7.3: 
AdobeOpen JDK (Added with Release 3.7.3)
Oracle JDK 1.8.0_192 (Removed with Release 3.7.3)

In CAPC 3.7.6 and above including 3.7.8 (current version at the time of writing this article) we use this version:  1.8.0_222 (adoptopenjdk)

2. Oracle JDK is no longer used as explained in the official notification letter: 

3.  OpenJDK binary is installed in the same directories where Oracle JDK was installed before: /opt/CA/jre and /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/jre