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How to make changes to a CA IDMS IDD table visible to applications at run-time?


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In CA IDMS, edit and code tables can be defined in the Integrated Data Dictionary (IDD) for use by applications at run-time. Once defined and associated with dialogs or programs, the table contents can still be updated. 

When the contents of an IDD edit or code table or changed, how can those changes be made visible to applications at run-time?


Edit & Code tables defined in IDD can be created in any CA IDMS environment.


IDD-generated entities (including code tables and edit tables) don't automatically get flagged for new copy when they are created or modified. So any changes made to a table will not be made available until the table is forced to reload. The reload can be forced by either cycling the system or by explicitly varying the table new copy. 

As an alternative to recycling the system, clients can issue a DCMT VARY PROGRAM <tablename> NEW COPY for an IDD edit table, and that will vary the newly generated version of the edit table with any changes that were made. Before issuing the DCMT command, you will have to either DCUF SET DICTNAME to the dictionary containing the table; or you may have to use the format DCMT VARY PROGRAM <dictname>.<tablename> NEW COPY.

Additional Information

Detailed syntax for a DCMT VARY PROGRAM command can be found here:


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