Can I save the console output of a Virtual PAM Appliance?
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Can I save the console output of a Virtual PAM Appliance?


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Sometimes, for debugging purposes, we may need to review the console output of a virtual PAM appliance.
Normally, this information is only visible at boot time, for a short time, two or three minutes, depending on the system performance and assigned resources.



Afterwards, the blue appliance menu is permanently displayed, so the console is no longer visible.


This document shows how it can be saved into an external text file for later review.



CA Privileged Access Manager
Version:  all



In the Virtual Machine Settings 'Hardware' tab, add a 'Serial Port' redirecting its output to a physical text file.


The resulting text file contains the console output of the appliance and it can be reviewed with any text editor.

In case of upgrade failure, you can send this resulting output file to support for review.



Additional Information

At every virtual appliance boot, the virtualizing system may ask if the new information should be appended to the existing one, or should replace it.