Data synchronization for DA failure in CAPC
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Data synchronization for DA failure in CAPC


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on the status page on ca performance manager, the Data Agregator shows data synchronization failure, I login to the servers and all the process and services are up and running.


Release : 3.5 GA and older



If you review the DMService.log on the CAPC host, you will see that this is a sql error with a bit of data from a F5 device.
Data too long for column 'ItemName' at row 1; nested exception is com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlDataTruncation: Data truncation: Data too long for column 'ItemName' at row 1

This is caused by the F5 device sending us a list of interfaces longer than we can handle.


Find the itemid for the problem device in the error.

Using a browser or a rest client, do a get to the DA rest services:

GET http://DA:8581/rest/devices/components/<itemid>

Because this is a get you can just run it in a browser or at a curl command.


In the response, we see the <DeviceItemID>7136176</DeviceItemID>

We will use this to remove the parent device, so we don’t have to remove all of the components that are causing this error.

DELETE http://DA:8581/rest/devices/7136176 (example from my lab)

Because this is a delete you need a rest client or the curl command, from curl this is the correct syntax (customer id's)

curl --header "Content-Type:application/xml" --request DELETE http://DA:8581/rest/devices/69240



And let the DA synch in CAPC and it should resolve this problem.

Additional Information

This is an older defect (DE292547) and is fixed in 3.6+