Errno=9Cx When Executing UNIX Commands ISHELL And OMVS With Top Secret


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CA Top Secret


An ACID can execute Unix functions such as ISHELL, OMVS, etc. on the Production Lpar but on the Tech Lpar, the user receives the following error:

Errno=9Cx Process Initialization error; Reason=0B0C00FD The user ID is in a group that has no GID.  Press Enter to continue.                  


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


1. Verify that all groups attached to the ACID have a GID. To do this:

- Issue TSS LIST(acid) SEGMENT(OMVS) for the ACID getting the error. 
- Issue TSS LIST(group) SEGMENT(OMVS) for each group acid attached to the 'acid' and look for the following:

-----------  SEGMENT OMVS
GID        = 00000nnnnn

For any group that is missing a GID, add one via:

TSS ADD(group) GID(nnn) or TSS ADD(group) GID(?) to use the next available GID. 

2. Make sure the ACID has a UID, GROUP, and DFLTGRP and the DFLTGRP is one of the groups in the GROUP list. This is the minimum required to access OMVS.