UIM 9.2.0 alarm "You have exceeded your QoS license by xxxx objects."


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In our UIM 9.2.0 we are facing the following alarm related to the QOS license: 

You have exceeded your QoS license by 8607 objects.


UIM 9.2.0 


From CA UIM 9.2.0 onward, hub/robot- and probe-level licensing requirements have been removed. Deploy the hub, robot, and distsrv versions released with CA UIM 9.2.0 to remove the license dependency. If you want to continue with the older versions of hub and probes that require an extension of the license, contact our Global Customer Assistance team so that they can assist you in extending the license (if required).

Manage Licenses for Components in Infrastructure Manager - https://techdocs.broadcom.com/content/broadcom/techdocs/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/it-operations-management/unified-infrastructure-management/9-0-2/administering/working-with-infrastructure-manager/manage-licenses-for-ca-uim-components-in-infrastructure-manager.html  

The alarm you are facing, is a known issue with the data_engine probe. After the changes made to product licensing, the license check was not removed from the data_engine probe and this results in the alert. If this is a UIM 9.2.0 environment, you must upgrade the data_engine probe to "data_engine-9.20HF4.zip" and the sla_engine probe to "sla_engine-9.1.0-HF2.zip". This packages can be found on the UIM Hotfix Index Page and please ensure you read all package pre-reqs and release notes before making the changes. 

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