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Questions for upgrading UIM to version 9.0.2


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Questions regarding upgrading to UIM 9.2.0.


UIM 8.51, UIM 9.0.2, UIM 9.1.0, UIM 9.2.0


Useful information for Upgrading to UIM 9.2.0

Latest UIM release, installation overview and supported upgrade paths: 

UIM 9.2.0 is the latest GA product release for the 9.X.X Releases of UIM, its a Service Pack which can ONLY be deployed ontop of an existing UIM 9.0.2 (or UIM 9.1.0, also a Service Pack) environment. You can upgrade from UIM 9.0.2 straight to SP2 (UIM 9.2.0). Follow the standard process of upgrading both Primary Hub and UMP to the same version, once completed proceed with the same steps for the next version. 

CA Unified Infrastructure Management 9.2.0 -   

CA UIM 9.2.0 High-Level Installation Process -   

Supported Upgrade Paths -   

Where can the files be downloaded? 

UIM 9.2.0 (Service Pack) can be downloaded via the Support Portal -> Download Management OR by accessing the Downloads section of the Site.  

Licensing change in UIM 9.x Release: 

From CA UIM 9.2.0 onward, hub/robot- and probe-level licensing requirements have been removed. Deploy the hub, robot, and distsrv versions released with CA UIM 9.2.0 to remove the license dependency. If you want to continue with the older versions of hub and probes that require an extension of the license, contact our Global Customer Assistance team so that they can assist you in extending the license (if required).

Manage Licenses for Components in Infrastructure Manager -  

** Additional Information **

There are important hotfixes available for the UIM 9.2.0 release, available on our Hotfix Index Site. 

CA Unified Infrastructure Management Hotfix Index -  

Once the upgrade is complete to UIM 9.2.0, we would recommend the following steps: 

1. Upgrade the Primary Hub to hub-9.20HF6. 
2. Upgrade the Primary Hub Robot to robot_update-9.20HF7. 
3. Upgrade the data_engine probe to data_engine-9.20HF3.
4. Upgrade the sla_engine probe to sla_engine-9.1.0-HF1.
5. Plan to upgrade ALL other Hubs and Robots to the same release ( & 

- Review the UIM Hotfix Index Page for the latest patches and ensure you review the pre-reqs. 
- If there are newer releases of the above fixes listed for UIM 9.2.0, use the new versions. 

If you require further assistance with installing or upgrading your product, our services partner can help with your planning and performing the actual transition. Please contact your Broadcom Account Manager for further details. 

Additional Information

It's a good idea to do a full backup of the UIM installation directory/directories and the backend UIM database. 

In general, we recommend backups for the following:

1. Primary Hub/robot configuration (note hub.cfg stores the LDAP parms) 

2. Secondary (HA) hub if you have one 

3. UMP/UMP Robot installation directory 
-> which includes the wasp keystore, e.g., 
cabi_external dir.