UIM - VM Robot not showing in UMP group / Enriched Origins


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


We have a VM that has Nimsoft robot version 9.20 installed that is not showing in the USM Group that relates to the Origin. 

We've double checked the Origin within the Robot Config and this shows exactly the same as other VMs that are tagged with the same Origin, however they also have the Primary Hub showing in the Origin within USM, whereas this other VM does not.

Essentially, we group VMs together in USM according to Customer Name, we use a UIM package that installs probes onto each box, this package also changes the Origin to the USM. When looking at the robot, this matches with others in the USM group. However the server is not being grouped into that USM group. We allow end customers to login and use USM, and due to this server not being part of their USM group, they are not able to see it as we filter their access based on USM groups.


UIM 8.51, 9.0.2, 9.1.0, 9.2.0 


Using an Administrator account, please try creating a USM Group using a filter like 'IP is not null' and assign it to the required Account. When logged in as administrator it will probably look "wrong" as it will show EVERY device. However when logged in as the account contact (ump) user, it will probably look as you want, it will show all the devices that account has access to - which would be filtered by origin due to account association, and that filtering (which is done by UMP itself) should respect both primary and enriched origins. 

** If the above steps still do not display the expected device, please raise a support ticket and provide the below information for us to troubleshoot further **

1. Confirm the environment details: 

- UIM version (Any HFs or SPs applied?)
- Primary Hub version
- Primary Hub robot version
- Primary Hub server O/S details
- Nas and alarm_enrichment probe versions
- discovery_server and discovery_agent probe versions

2. Confirm the below Robot details for one of the affected Robots: 

- Robot version (where problem occurs)
- Robot server O/S details
- cdm probe version
- ntevl probe version
- Robotname
- Robot IP Address
- Expected Origin
- Origin of Hub (where Robot attaches)

3. Attach the below configuration files from the Robot in question:

- controller.cfg
- robot.cfg 

... And attach the below configuration files from the Hub (where Robot attaches)

- controller.cfg
- robot.cfg
- hub.cfg

4. Within the UIM database, run the below queries (one by one) and attach the output via CSV (with headers) for review: 

- select * from CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM where name = '<robotname>'
- select * from CM_NIMBUS_ROBOT where robot like '%<robotname>%'
- select * from S_QOS_DATA where origin like '<expected origin name>'
- select * from S_QOS_DATA where source = '<robotname>'

5. Provide a document containing screenshots with the filter/logic used for creating the USM Group in question.