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The Budget Plan Detail View '0' Values Are XOGed in as 'NULL' Causing Display Discrepancies


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When a '0' value is XOGed in a Budget Plan, these values as being stored as 'NULL'.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Financially enable a project
  2. Create a manual cost plan with 0 values
  3. Submit it for approval
  4. XOG the budget plan out
  5. Reject or approve the one created on the UI
  6. Using the XOGed out file, chnage the budget code and XOG it back in.


This is by design. Due to performance reasons, Time Scaled Value doesn't differentiate between '0' (default) and 'NULL' values when a TSV doesn't have at least one non-zero value row.

For both 'NULL' and '0', slicing table won't have any value anyways.