Migrate data of CA API Gateway 9.3/9.4
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Migrate data of CA API Gateway 9.3/9.4


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Is it possible to migrate the database (data) of CA API Gateway 9.3 or 9.4 from internal(localhost) mysql database to an external mysql database?



Release : 9.2

Component : API GATEWAY


What are the steps to migrate gateway SSG database from local mysql to external mysql database

**** BUT SPECIAL NOTE: Take a VM Snapshot before doing any changes as a precaution.

Assuming you have an external Mysql same version (not a gateway) installed
Source Gateway = Gateway currently Hosting the db.
Destination DB = your remote mysql.

1) On Source gateway just
mysqldump ssg > ssg.sql
2) Copy the ssg.sql file from Source Gateway to Destination DB.
3) on Destination DB

** NOTE Below Replace gateway_user_password with your actual password 7layer or other.. Its easier if you use the exact same password as currently used.

mysql> create database ssg;

mysql> create user 'gateway'@'%'

mysql> grant
all on ssg.* to [email protected]'%';

mysql> UPDATE
mysql.user SET password = PASSWORD('gateway_user_password') WHERE user =
"gateway"; flush privileges;

# mysql ssg < ssg.sql

4) Replication is not provided since its outside our scope in a external db.

5) On All gateways (Primary (Secondary if exists) and processing nodes)

IF You used the same password for gateway user in step 3 then you can if you need a new password it gets a little more complex please ask.

# vi /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/node/default/etc/conf/node.properties


Change the value of the below Variable to equal your new host.
to be the new name OR IP of the db system (DESTINATION DB).

*** Ensure once you VI the file and make a change that the NEW HOST NAME/IP HAS no trailing white spaces if it does ensure you delete them.

6) Restart your gateway service and ensure it starts.

* This also needs to be restarted on Each gateway (Primary/secondary/processing where the node.properties has change for the change to take effect).

# service ssg restart