Migrate data of CA API Gateway 9.3/9.4
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Migrate data of CA API Gateway 9.3/9.4


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CA API Gateway


Is it possible to migrate the database (data) of CA API Gateway 9.3 or 9.4 from an internal (localhost) MySQL database to an external MySQL database?



Release : 9.2

Component : API GATEWAY


What are the steps to migrate the gateway SSG database from local MySQL to an external MySQL database?

**** BUT SPECIAL NOTE: Take a VM Snapshot before making any changes as a precaution.

Assuming you have an external Mysql same version (not a gateway) installed
Source Gateway = Gateway currently Hosting the db.
Destination DB = your remote mysql.

1) On Source gateway just
mysqldump ssg > ssg.sql
2) Copy the ssg.sql file from Source Gateway to Destination DB.
3) on Destination DB

** NOTE Below Replace gateway_user_password with your actual password 7layer or other.. It's easier if you use the exact same password as currently used.

mysql> create database ssg;

mysql> create user 'gateway'@'%'

mysql> grant
all on ssg.* to gateway@'%';

mysql> UPDATE
mysql.user SET password = PASSWORD('gateway_user_password') WHERE user =
"gateway"; flush privileges;

# mysql ssg < ssg.sql

4) Replication is not provided since it is outside our scope in an external DB.

5) On All gateways (Primary (Secondary if exists) and processing nodes)

If you used the same password for the gateway user in step 3 then you can if you need a new password it gets a little more complex please ask.

# vi /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/node/default/etc/conf/node.properties


Change the value of the below Variable to equal your new host.
to be the new name OR IP of the DB system (DESTINATION DB).

*** Ensure once you VI the file and make a change that the NEW HOST NAME/IP HAS no trailing white spaces if it does ensure you delete them.

6) Restart your gateway service and ensure it starts.

* This also needs to be restarted on Each gateway (Primary/Secondary/processing where the node.properties has changed for the change to take effect).

# service ssg restart