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Not able to get latency reports to work


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It seems that we cannot collect Latency reports to gather data. We get Error: Not Data To Display.


All supported Performance Management releases


If are using "system statistics" vendor certification for Reachability it collects IsAlive and Reachibility it does not collect Response times. To collect response times you need to use "ICMP" vendor certification. If you go to the Administration -> Data Sources -> Data aggregator -> Monitoring configuration -> Metric Families and select the Reachability metric family you can change the Vendor Certification priorities to have ICMP as the first Priority and this should get the device to use ICMP Vendor certification then it will collect Response times. If ICMP is already at the top of the list then the device was discovered with out the "Use ICMP" box checked in the discovery profile advanced tab. In this case you would need to rediscover the device with the "Use ICMP" box checked in the discovery profile. 

Reachability metric family:
Discovery profile: