MQ Monitor queue filtering doesn't work


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Filtering MQ queues doesn't work

Tried different regexes including (?!((.*_EMR), Regex works by itself but doesn't work when inserted into the configuration file.


Release : 10.5

Component : APM Agents


On reviewing the MQMonitor properties, it was found that the mq.monitor.list property was using a list of hard-coded names for the queue manager instances instead of the more common format of <QueueName>@<HostName>:


Thus, the corresponding queue filter property names should reference the same name patterns used in mq.monitor.list: e.g. for instances

EMR_PROD_nodea.queue.filter.includeonly.regex = (^((?!_EMR).)*$)
EMR_PROD_nodeb.queue.filter.includeonly.regex = (?!((.*_EMR)|(.* MQQT_ ALIASQUEUE_2.*))).*

Please review the MQMonitor properties and ensure all naming of individual queue manager instance properties reference the corresponding queue manager instance names specified in mq.monitor.list.