Why did the files from an Endevor package ship get sent when there are no mapping rules?
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Why did the files from an Endevor package ship get sent when there are no mapping rules?


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After running a package, a "Package Ship" was executed againt that package that contained both MVS and USS files. It was found that all the backed out files (USS files created with ENUSSUTL ) were shipped.  The destination was created for package ship but mapping rules had not yet been created. What's the point of creating mapping rules if Endevor is going to ship the outputs anyway? 


Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


When package ship is run against a package. All the files that have backouts are selected.  Endevor first applied the default rule to the file. Then a check for the exclude and include rules and apply any the match the file. So if there are no matching exclude or include mapping rule for a file then the default mapping rule is used. 

The default mapping rule for USS files is that the path name on the remote LPAR will be the same path as it is on the host system.

So Local path  /PROD/GL  would be copied to  path /PROD/GL on the remote LPAR. 

The default mapping rule for MVS file is the DSN will be the same on remote LPAR is it was on the host system. In addition for MVS the default value of  16 members/cyl is used (staging size).

So the Local DSN of PROD.GL would be copied to PROD.GL on the remote LPAR and use 16 member/cyl for the staging dataset size.

The reason for using mapping rules for USS files are to change the path the the file is copied to on the remote LPAR. 

For MVS file the reason to use mapping is if you want to change the DSN on the remote LPAR and/or change the value of members/cyl (if the staging file runs out of space).   

Bottom line is mapping rules do not have to be defined to ship package file. As long as it is intended to copy the files/DSNs to the same PATH or use the same DSNs and it is alright to use the default of "16 members/cyl " for MVS staging datasets.