Why has the Spectrum & CAPM Integration Event Polling Service has been disabled automatically?


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CA Spectrum CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


When checking the Performance Center Integration page within the Spectrum Administration Web Page, users may notice that event polling has been disabled automatically.


This is due to Spectrum OneClick not being able to establish a connection with PM Device Manager for a five minute period.


Release : 10.3.x, 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum Integrations


In the current code, if Spectrum cannot contact Device Manager for 5 minutes, Spectrum will automatically disable the event polling service. 
Presently, we do not have a mechanism to let users know when Spectrum is unable to contact Device Manager other than by seeing the following error message in the tomcat log file. 
(GlobalPool => NPCEventManagerWebserviceURLPoller) (NetqosEventLog) - (ERROR) - Unable to contact Event Manager - stopping all polling.
Development is working on generating an event on the VNM model which will notify users of this change. They are also looking into automatically re-enabling this service once contact has been re-established. This will be included in a future release of Spectrum.