Using CA Software Asset Manager, 4.x release. Need to know if java version can be upgraded to 1.8_92?


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Our network team has identified our CA Software Asset Manager (SAM)  servers as having outdated java versions and wants to upgrade to 1.8_92, will this affect the SAM application in any way? 


CA Software Asset Manager 4.x releases


Please review the CA Software Asset Management system administration manual for your SAM release.

The SAM system administration manual lists the following Java requirement for SAM 4.1.x: 

These are the requirements for Windows: 
- Oracle/SUN Java Runtime Environment ≥ 1.6 x86 (32 bit) even on x64 systems 
Java JRE (x86) 1.8+ should be compatible 


CA Software Asset Management only uses SAM for BIRT reporting.  Java is not used for the SAM runtime application.

Additional Information

The CA SAM system administration manual is located on your SAM ISO media, in the \docs directory.