How to add custom connector account template to provisioning role using etautil command.


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The following command adds the MS SQL account template to a provisioning role.

[Register account template in provisioning role]


 etautil -d im -u pmadmin -p <password> add 'eTRoleContainerName = Roles, eTNamespaceName = CommonObjects' eTRole eTRoleName = 'provision role name'

 in 'eTSQLPolicyContainerName = MS SQL Policies, eTNamespaceName = CommonObjects' eTSQLPolicy eTSQLPolicyName = 'account template name'


However, if the account template is for MySQL custom connector, MySQL account template could not be added to the Provisioning role.
What etautil command can add a custom connector account template to a provisioning role?


Release : 12.x, 14.x

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


In this case, custom connector is dynamic connector. So add “-DYN” option to the command.

Also, custom connector is not under the “CommonObjects”.

Here is the sample syntax of etautil.


etautil -d im -u <username> -p <password> -DYN add 'eTRoleContainerName=Roles, eTNamespaceName=CommonObjects' eTRole eTRoleName='Provisioning Role_name'

in ‘eTDYNPolicyContainerName=DYN Policies,eTNamespaceName=MySQL_connector_name’ eTDYNPolicy eTDYNPolicyName=’Account Template_name’


For example:

Domain name: im

Provisioning Role Name: Provisioning_Role_01

Account template Name: Account_Template_01

MySQL Connector Name: MySQL_Server


etautil -d im -u imadmin -p password -DYN add 'eTRoleContainerName=Roles, eTNamespaceName=CommonObjects' eTRole eTRoleName=Provisioning_Role_01

in ‘eTDYNPolicyContainerName=DYN Policies,eTNamespaceName=MySQL_Server’ eTDYNPolicy eTDYNPolicyName=Account_Template_01