Service Catalog - Table Code/Functionality not working in forms
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Service Catalog - Table Code/Functionality not working in forms


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CA Service Catalog


Using out of the box (OOTB) js function ca_fdAddTableRow() to insert a row to table worked in the past with catalog version 12.9, but doesn't work now with 17.2.

We have 2 forms where details from various fields are added to a table by clicking a button we developed inside the form.

When clicking this button in Service Catalog v17.2, the details do not get added to the form anymore.  When using IE, it sometimes shows a pop-up error as follows:
xxxxx is not responding due to a long-running script”



Release : 17.2



When using OOTB Catalog JS function ca_fdAddTableRow()  to insert a row into table, the number of  column data for a row in the function which inserts into table didn't matter in the old version (12.9).  But in 17.2, it only works when the number of the columns' data (which inserts into the table) using this function has to match the number of columns for that table.   It is a bug in this function found in 17.2.


Contact Broadcom Support to get point fix T6D9543.CAZ to address this problem if your Catalog 17.2 is at 17.2 Rollup 3 ( i.e. 17.2.03 ) patch level. This fix will be in 17.2.06 moving forward as well.