How to install multiple robots on one single host


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


It is sometimes necessary to run more than one copy of the same probe on a server. One example of this is when you need to monitor 7000 network devices from a single server. The snmpget probe can only run approximately 2500 profiles in a single instance of the probe; this seems to be a network stack limitation. However, CPU and Memory on a normal server is able to cope with 3 or 4 times this volume of traffic.

I need to install multiple UIM robots in one single host, is this supported and how do I do it?


UIM 8.x or later


This is a supported configuration:

  • It is possible to install 2 or more robots in one single Windows or Linux system. See How --> Install Multiple Robots on a Single Host (
  • The robots can use the same IP address but must use different port ranges.
  • The multiple robots installed on one single system don't know about each other, therefore, they can run different versions of the robot and can point to different UIM domains.

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