How can I delete multiple probes on robots across hubs such as cdm?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I would like to remove all CDM probe from a group of robots on different hubs how can I do that?


UIM 8.x/9.x 


This can only be done in Infrastructure manager.
Go to the find on the top menu bar or do a ctrl + F.

This will bring up the global search window
you can then choose probe from the drop down and put the probe name in such as cdm.

This will then bring back a list of all robots with cdm probe.
Then can sort as needed and use ctrl + left click to highlight the probes you want to remove
Finally then right click and do delete.

NOTE: Support suggest you do this in smaller batches, under 30, as this process has not been tested at scale.