Action Item Notification in New UX Timesheets
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Action Item Notification in New UX Timesheets


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Clarity PPM SaaS


If we activate Timesheets in new UX, we are facing below issue:

When a user submit a timesheet, manager gets a notification to approve. but when i navigate to home->organizer->Notification, i can see the action item. but when i click on the link to approve timesheet then it is opening timesheet to approve in Classic UI not in New expectation: it should open in new UX.


Clarity SaaS/On-Prem
Release : 15.5.1 - 16.0



The behavior you are seeing with notifications coming out of your custom process is working as designed. If you look at the notification link is pointing to an Action Item for user to action so process can move along. Action Item functionality is not currently in the New UX so it is not going to be able to take user to New UX. So based on this the only option in the AI to have approver be sent to New UX for timesheet approval would be via GEL script where they create an email notification and construct URL to point to New UX. But keep in mind that out of the box timesheet notifications do work properly where they have link to New UX.