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Login object's name passed as vara to File Event in workflow error - U00000009 '': Access denied.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


If you execute a File Event, which checks for the size of a file, from within a Workflow
and the File Event inherits the Login object's name as a variable from a prompt set within the workflow,
you get the following error:

U00007000 'JOBP.TEST' activated with RunID '0001158018'.
U00007000 'EVENT.TEST' activated with RunID '0001158019'.
U00011043 Activating event 'EVENT.TEST' (RunID: '0001158019' ).
U00000009 '': Access denied
U00020303 Runtime error in object 'EVENT.TEST', line '00001'. See next message
U00000009 '': Access denied
U00000009 '': Access denied
U00000009 '': Access denied
U00011045 Processing of Event 'EVENT.TEST' (RunID: '0001158019') on Host 'WINDOWS' was terminated with an error. See next message:
U00000009 '': Access denied
U00011040 Event 'EVENT.TEST' (RunID: '0001158019' / Workflow-RunID: '0001158018') ended abnormally.
U00011502 Workflow 'JOBP.TEST' (RunID '0001158018') ended normally.

The file event actually does check for the file as it should and finds it, but it then terminates.

If you change the File Event and hard code the Login object's name, it runs without any problems.


This is due to an issue within the permission check for File Events



Hard code the login information for the File Event


This is fixed in the following releases in the AutomationEngine component:

Automation Engine 12.2.6
Automation Engine 12.3.3
Automation Engine 12.1.9