How to purging files from Portal Jobs folder
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How to purging files from Portal Jobs folder


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are running out of space on our production instance. 
We have identified that a large amount of the space is being taken up by the Portal Jobs folder. 
I had a couple of questions:

1) Is it okay to purge this data after a certain amount of time?
2) Is there a way to configure the system to automatically purge this data?


Test Data Manager
TDM Portal


Yes, it is safe to purge the Job logs from the Portal server.
You may need to verify your company policy regarding log retention, before setting up the TDM Portal application to automatically clean up the Jobs directory.

To configure TDM Portal to clean up the Jobs directory for you, you will need to add the following statements to the file and restart the TDM Portal service.

  • '' specifies the frequency (in hours) that you would like the application to clean up the Job directory.
  • (default value is 2160)
  • '' specifies how old the jobs should be (in hours) before the application flags them for clean up.

In TDM 4.8+ Engineering introduced a batching mechanism to clean up the directory in smaller batches: '' (default 500).
If you add this statement to the file, the application will clean up the directory in chunks of the number of jobs you specify.

By default, 500 jobs at a time.

NOTE: the file is read in at startup of the CA Test Data Manager Portal Service.
Therefore, any changes made will only take effect after the TDM Portal service has been stopped and restarted.


Additional Information

For more information see the TDM documentation - "Configure Access to Requests Results"