Browser plugins removal
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Browser plugins removal


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We're running an AdminUI and we'd like to know if the following
browser plugins are required by SiteMinder ?

  JAVA applets

And if they are required, has Broadcom plans to migrate the console to
another web-native technology such as Javascript or HTML5 ?




AdminUI 12.8SP3 on RedHat 6;




At first glance, there's no documented need of these plugins. You
should only notes about the browser version an the compatibility mode
needed for IE 11 :

  2.2 Operating System for CA Single Sign-On Administrative User Interface

    Browser support for the administrative User Interface

     a. Internet Explorer IE11 (in compatibility mode).
     b. Microsoft Edge
     c. Safari supported with Safari version 9.1.2
     d. Firefox - supported with latest versions, last tested with 59.
     e. Google Chrome supported with latest versions, last tested with 65

About version 12.0, unfortunatly there's no such indication.

  SCA SiteMinder 12.0 Platform Support Matrix

For version 12.5, the only mentions are about browser version :

  SiteMinder 12.5 Platform Support Matrix


    2. Browser support for the administrative UI

      a. Internet Explorer     supported with IE8 or higher (IE9 is
  supported in    compatibility mode   )

      b. Firefox - supported with version 10.0.2 and higher

      c. Google Chrome     supported with version or higher

To see that the AdminUI has no dependencies on these plugins, just
test the latest AdminUI 12.8SP3 on Firefox, and remove previously all
plugins from Firefox. You'll see that the browser can work with the
AdminUI with out plugins nor extensions.