How to configure the sql_response to monitor QOS collected by the snmpcollector?
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How to configure the sql_response to monitor QOS collected by the snmpcollector?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How can we configure the sql_response to monitor the  total QOS collected by the snmpcollector probe?

The goal is to generate sql_reponse probe alarms when the expected snmpcollector QOS drops.



Any SQL_RESPONSE version


1. Create an sql file using query below that returns a row count (total number of QOS present) for the last hour for snmpcollector and hub origin from the S_QOS_SNAPSHOT table.

Note: Replace ca_uim with your UIM database name and origin with your origin name

FROM [ca_uim].[dbo].[S_QOS_DATA] AS def
JOIN [ca_uim].[dbo].[S_QOS_SNAPSHOT] AS snap ON snap.table_id = def.table_id
WHERE [nim_origin] = 'origin'
AND snap.[sampletime] > dateadd(hour, -1, getdate())
AND probe = 'pollagent'

2. Save the *sql file in the sql_response probe home directory.

3. Deploy the sql_response to a robot.

4. Open the sql_response probe configuration in IM and add a new Connection for the UIM back-end database.


5. Click on the Profiles menu and add a new Profile.

6. Click on the General Tab and select the new Connection.


7. Click on SQL Query tab, click on the "From file" option and the *sql file name should display.

8. Click on the "Read File" option and the query should display. Ensure Test is successful.

Example of SQL Query:

9. Click on the Row count tab, Enable Alarm , QOS, Operator and Threshold (rows returned in the sql query).


10. Save the profile and sql_response probe alarms should generate when the row count threshold is met.

As a test, you may want to set the threshold to a lower value to test the SQL query profile.

Alarm example:


Additional Information

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