ARD: Cannot reduce the flow diagram size when opened in IE


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When right clicking on a flow that is saved in ARD Hub, and selecting "View in Browser", which launches the system's default browser; if the Flow diagram is displayed in Windows Internet Explorer (Our company default), there is a problem resizing the flow in the browser. This is seen for flows that have only a few blocks. When the flow opens, the view (Blocks) is very large, and you cannot reduce the size of the view, only increase the size.

The problem is not seen when launching from Chrome.

We are using Internet Explorer 11

Version 11.914.17763.0CO

Update Version: 11.0.165 (KB4530677)



Release : 3.0

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


Internet Explorer, regardless of version, is not 100% compatible with the ARD Web UI. The reason behind this is the SVG rendering engine in IE which is limited in itself and more so by various settings. A better result could be obtained by overriding IE's default setting of "display intranet sites in Compatibility View", which uses a very old SVG renderer.

We recommend, nonetheless, using one of the established browsers, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

We will mark this issue as "Software Limitation" and leave it at that.

No changes planned for ARD related to the IE browser.