ASM - Alert and Check Periods
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ASM - Alert and Check Periods


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CA App Synthetic Monitor DX Application Performance Management


Finding some discrepancies with ASM Alerts.

This monitor runs every 10 minutes.  So it ran at 5:01, 5:11, 5:21, 5:31 and should run at 5:41. The 5:40 seems to throw it because usually runs close to 10 minutes each time.  So, if we treat the check at 5:40 as the normal regular 10 minute check, it returned a confirmed error.  
But at 5:41, we get an unconfirmed error.  And then another unconfirmed error at 5:45.  Please explain since it is confusing to understand what is happening here.


Release : SAAS

Component : CA Automation Point


Per engineering, the result of the check is written to Cassandra with a unique identifier which is based on current timestamp (UUID). Usually, the UUID is calculated on the Cassandra server when the check is scheduled (before it starts). Only in case there is some network issue and Cassandra doesn't provide the UUID in a few seconds, it is generated locally (on the app server). There could be a time shift between Cassandra and app servers.


Please open a Support case for ASM Engineering to analyze.