Spectrum Error Message - "Oncelick server logs directory threshold exceeded"
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Spectrum Error Message - "Oncelick server logs directory threshold exceeded"


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CA Spectrum


We are seeing a new alarm in OneClick:

The OneClick web server logs directory on host <hostname> has reached its notification threshold of 300 MB. Current size 300.85 MB.

(event [0x04820001]


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Component : SPCOCK - Spectrum OneClick


The tomcat logs threshold setting is on the OneClick Administration page: 


The SizeCheckerTask job checks the size of $SPECROOT/tomcat/logs starts when restarting Tomcat, or clicking the [Save] button in the [Web Server Logs Configuration] section of the Spectrum Administration page. That is performed hourly intervals.

When the size of the logs folder exceeds the threshold the 0x04820001 Alarm will occur immediately at the Tomcat startup timing. On the other case, the size of the logs folder is smaller than the threshold first, and after a while it exceed the threshold, the Alarm will generate at the next SizeCheckerTask job execution timing.

Once the Alarm generated and the log folder size remains above the threshold, no extra Event/Alarm does not generated & no Alarm count up. If the log folder size becomes smaller than the threshold, the Alarm does not clear automatically and must be cleared manually. But the internal threshold violation state is cleared.