hard to find maintenace
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hard to find maintenace


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CMDB for z/OS NetSpy Network Performance NetMaster Network Automation NetMaster Network Management for SNA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP NetMaster File Transfer Management


It is difficult to find the maintenance on the new Broadcom Website.   Where does it exist?


Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


The Broadcom Mainframe Customer Support portal was updated as of January 20, 2020.   The following describes the steps required to find the Solution downloads, aka fixes: 

* Go to Support.Broadcom.com website

* Select Mainframe Software 

* Select either Downloads at the top of the page or PRODUCT DOWNLOADs in the middle of the page.

* On the Download Management page enter Mainframe Network Management (or your product name) into the Search Bar and hit enter

* If needing the product download, select the appropriate product from the resulting list.

* If needing the maintenance then select the Solution Download link just under the product name at the top of the page (see below).

* On the solution page, select the link for the product and release that is appropriate.  

* On the resulting page, filter on the component product name at the top and search.  For example, entering "Unicenter NetMaster Management Services " will list the fixes for NMS.   The NetMaster product suite will most likely require the NMS fixes in addition to the individual product fixes.   The calendar button may be utilized to limit the results.