Work Status Color Coding doesn't work correctly in Roadmaps if display mapping is set at Investment level


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If you add the display mapping for the attribute from the Investment object only, the color coding displays in the legend, but the Roadmap items are not updated on the color coding. This issue may cause you to see duplicate colors entries on the Roadmap legend if you have Display mappings set at both the Investment level and Roadmap Item Object level


  1. In Classic PPM, go to Administration->Objects-Roadmap Item
  2. Click on the Work Status attribute
  3. Scroll down to Display mappings and set the following mappings
    • Color = Green, Description = Active and Value = Active
    • Color = Blue, Description = Requested and Value = Requested
    • Color = Yellow, Description = On Hold and Value = Oh Hold
    • Color = Red, Description = Cancelled and Value = Cancelled
    • Color = Grey, Description = Completed and Value = Completed
  4. Click Save and Return
  5. Navigate to the New UX->Roadmaps
  6. Create a new Roadmap
  7. Go to the Grid view and create a couple of Roadmap items (IE Roadmap item 1 and Roadmap item 2)
  8. Add the Work Status column to the grid view
  9. Set Roadmap item 1 Work Status to Active
  10. Set Roadmap item 2  Work Status to On Hold
  11. Go to the Timeline view or Board view, and click on the View Options drop down
  12. Select ‘Work Status’ from the Color By drop down

Expected Results: Roadmap item 1 is displayed in green color and Roadmap item 2 is displayed in Yellow color

Actual Results: The Roadmap items show no coloring though the legend displays the color mappings


This is caused by DE52834 and is due to the Roadmap Item legend incorrectly using the displaying mapping from the Investment abstract object. It should be using the display mappings defined on the Roadmap Item object for Work Status.


Release : 15.7, 15.7.1



This issue is fixed in Clarity 15.8. 

Note: Once upgraded to the release this is fixed on, make sure to set display mappings on the Roadmap Item Work Status attribute to see the work status display mappings work correctly. 

Workaround: Add the display mappings at the Roadmap item level for Work Status, but then the legend values are duplicated if any other object such as project or Investment still have display mappings set for this attribute.