RoleDef JAR Files Generation
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RoleDef JAR Files Generation


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CA Identity Manager installed in multiple environments. When generating a new RoleDefinitions JAR File in one environment, the User Account screens are displayed the IDM Web Console. Comparing the Role definitions XML files show there are some missing screens. What can be checked to ensure both environments are generating the complete RoleDef JARs and to be able to see the screens through the IDM Web Interface (User console).




Release : 14.2



Since a previous project was deployed without the screens a new version number is needed when saving the updated connector xpress project

A new version of the connector xpress project needed to be deployed so the new roles xml file (which contains the screen information) could be imported.

Here is the summary of the steps to re-deploy the connector

1. In Connector Xpress - right click the connector and click "Create Project"

2. Update the version number field

3. Deploy the updated metadata

4. Run the RoleDefGenerator and copy the new jar file to the IDM lib folder.

5. Restart IM

6. In the management console import the new version of the roles xml

7. Test your use case.