Spectrum Attributes on System Resources & policy
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Spectrum Attributes on System Resources & policy


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We are trying to add System Resources attributes rules on a policy but they are not taking. 

1. Spectrum Attributes on System Resources

When applying RFC2790 (RuleSet2790 / rfc2790App) attributes in the Policy Manager for:

a. PMon_FullTableReadPollInt(0xc41146) / (oxc40e13)

b. PMon_SendAlertsTo(0xc41145) / (oxc4112b)


When we enable this policy, we are seeing an event message on the policy model showing the policy rules could not be set. 



Release : 10.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


System Resource attributes are on the rc2790App model associated with the parent model. Setting values to certain rfc2790App model attributes in policy manager is possible, but since policies must be tied to Global Collections, the rfc2790App model must also be included in the GC to which the policy is applied. 


1. Adjust the search criteria for the GC so that rfc270App model type name is included in the search, and the GC will collect rfc2790App models to which the policy rules can be applied

2. If you want to also include the parent model in the same GC, this is possible with OR operands within the search criteria