Installing the DCT on a Software Install
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Installing the DCT on a Software Install


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CA API Gateway API SECURITY CA API Gateway Enterprise Service Manager (Layer 7) STARTER PACK-7 CA Microgateway


I have been asked to run a DCT by support, but do not have it installed due to my gateway being a software install or an OVA version earlier than 9.2.


Release : All software Installs and OVA lower than 9.2 or any other version of gateway that need to install the DCT. 



You will need to download the install package for the DCT from our patches page and install it on your gateway.  Follow the instructions below for doing so. 

   1.  Download the current Data Collection Tool package from the CA API Management Solutions and Patches page on the CA API Gateway section. The file name is in the format: ssg-dct-<version>.tar.gz

   2. Copy the package to your Gateway. Here is an example command:
        # scp ssg-dct-2.0.tar.gz ssgconfig@<GATEWAY-HOST>:/home/ssgconfig

   3. Log in as root (Software Gateway) or access the privileged shell (Appliance Gateway).

   4. Check that "/opt/DCT" already exists. If not, create it now:
       # mkdir -p /opt/DCT

   5. Uncompress the package into the "/opt/DCT" (replacing any existing Data Collection Tool files if necessary) 
       # tar -xvf /home/ssgconfig/ssg-dct-2.0.tar.gz -C /opt/DCT --overwrite

Note that files that are not part of the Data Collection Tool (including the ZIP archives) are not touched


The most requested command for running a DCT requested by support is  # ./ -a  

This will create a log file and place it in your /home/root (Software Gateway) or /home/ssgconfig (Appliance Gateway) directory that looks like ssg-dct-2.2.0

Please review our guide for a list of options that can be used with this script  


Additional Information

The Data Collection Tool can be installed on any Gateway version 8.x or later. It cannot be used on Gateways older than version 8.0.