No longer able to connect to robot after update to secure robot


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


Updated robot to secure version and no longer able to connect to it in IM or AC. In some cases the robot is listed as green and can see probes, but unable to configure.


When a robot is configured as secure, the robots outbound traffic happens on 48100 (robot outbound proxy port). Firewall rules that prohibit communication on this port would create a communication issue.


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - ROBOT


There are two options available to resolve this issue on the problem robot:

- open the port 48100 in both directions on the firewall


- add the following entry to the robot.cfg:

proxy_outbound_port = <NEW PORT>

Note: The new port can be any open port that can be used for outbound traffic.

Additional Information

sample from controller.log:

Apr 21 18:36:10:793 [5012] 0 Controller: (proxy) setting max queued requests inbound: 112, outbound: 112
Apr 21 18:36:10:809 [5012] 0 Controller: sockServer: requested port 48100 is already in use (for host=
Apr 21 18:36:10:809 [5012] 0 Controller: (outbound proxy) unable to use port 48100. Aborting. The port may already be in use.
Apr 21 18:36:10:809 [5012] 0 Controller: Failed to start the proxy.
Apr 21 18:36:10:809 [5012] 0 Controller: Proxy initialization failed - rc=1 error